Soviet Flying Relics - part 1: Khodynka

'Khodynka' is (was) a famous place in the heart of Aviation enthusiasts; a kind of Aladdin's cave in the Centre of Moscow. Unfortunately a close look to the history of this place reveals the way one of the most exciting open air museum in the former USSR have been transformed into a gathering of old rusty relics.

Situated at the green metro station 'Aeroport' of Moscow, this former display of jets and helicopters had been slowly abandoned to the harsh work of weather and vandals. The aircraft were first gathered in the center of the old airport with some protection of guards and finally removed or scrapped to let the place free for a brand new huge trading center.

Among these venerable relics, one can notice MiG-25 Blue coded '710', better known as prototype Ye-266M. Flew by Alexandr Fedotov on the 31 August 1977, it set the highest current world aviation altitude record: 37650m.

The unfortunate story of this singular place is illustrated through the three visits of the author at this location which belongs now completely to the Past...