Aviation enthusiast with an education in fluid mechanics engineering, the Author is an independent fine art photographer working mostly with film cameras of various formats from classical 35mm to 4x5" view camera. For the works presented in Black and White the author wants it to be the result of a complete controlled and mastered process from the shooting to the final print on baryte paper through the tuned films processing. 


'Flying Relics'
 project is centered on relics of the former flying legends which marked Aviation history during the last decades. The first part of this project is dedicated to aeronautical and space relics of the former Soviet Union. This project aims to present the place given to the Aviation and specially its history in different countries; the way Aircraft are preserved and the place given to Heroes and flying Stars of the past in the popular culture. 

Why shooting films?

Since the project itself is connected to the aeronautical relics of the past, only films can truly reproduce the analog texture of the pictures that still remains in ours memories. Film shooting, processing and paper printing is a slow and demanding process which perfectly embrace the philosophy of this project. No cheating, full framing and film corners are presented to your eyes in the final image.